Busy Spring

*Note: This journal post was originally published on June 10, 2010*

Farrier Mike Poe working outside his truckAlpha Farrier Services has had a very busy spring. Between regular work and clinics and contests, I haven’t had much time to keep my journal updated! In January we had our first everĀ Intro to Farriery class at the University of Maryland (UMD). We had nine students with great attitudes and after three weeks of three hours of class a day, every one of them passed with flying colors!

After a short break, I boarded a plane for Portland, OR and the American Farrier’s Association Convention. Three days of fellowship and learning with farriers from all over the world. Got some good forging tips and some amazing lameness advice from living legends.

March found me in Virginia Beach for the “Bash at the Beach” contest and clinic. Craig Trinka was the clinician and judge. After two days of forging shoes with Craig, I took reserve champion in the contest.

In April I did a demonstration for Maryland Day at UMD campus farm. Even though the weather didn’t quite cooperate, plenty of folks braved the rain and came out to learn about all facets of agriculture.

Former American Farriers Team member Dennis Manning, CJF came back to Maryland to serve as Examiner for the Maryland Farriers Association spring certification. While he was in town, Mr. Manning was kind enough to put on a tool-making cinic. It seems like every time Mr. Manning comes to town I find out how much I don’t know!

This winter and spring also brought two new faces to Alpha Farrier Services. Eliot Pargament and Philip Cromwell have both started riding along with me to learn a bit more about how to help out horses. Depending on the day, you may see either or both of these young men in the truck with me.