Graduating From Taking Tests to Giving Them – Part II

*Note: This journal post was originally published on September 4, 2009*

American Farriers Association logoA few months ago I talked about starting down the path to becoming a certification Tester with the AFA. That was the start of the summer and now, as the summer is ending, I have finished my work as a provisional Tester!

I got up early on Sunday morning a couple weeks ago and crossed the Bay Bridge – headed to Cambridge for the Mint Vale Forge Certification.

The thing that stands out the most about being on this side of the table in the certification process is just how much the Testers and Examiners that I have worked with want the candidates to succeed.

I’ve found that it is a balancing act to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the AFA while still rooting for the candidates to pass. I remember as a candidate, I was always thinking that the Testers were looking for the mistake that would fail me. Now I have found that quite the opposite is true. Far from searching for excuses to fail someone, the colleagues I have worked with are searching for the reasons to pass that person.

As competitive as farriers can be, I feel that attitude is falling by the wayside. More and more I see other farriers approaching each other not as competition, but as colleagues. No where is that more prevalent than at an AFA Certification. My next one is in Pennsylvania in October. I can’t wait